AUTHORNewby-Fraser, A. R.
TITLEChain Reaction: Twenty Years of Nuclear Research and Development in South Africa
PUBLISHERAtomic Energy Board
CITYPretoria, South Africa
ISBN0 86960 696 4

This book describes participation by South Africa in the nuclear world through the 1970s, primarily through mining uranium ore and successful operation of nuclear power facilities. It highlights South African involvement in supplying the United States and Great Britain with uranium ore, abundant in South African gold mines. Between the 1950s and the late 1970s, South Africa developed, with external assistance and regulation, a sizeable nuclear power capacity. Much of the book details that development process. Other topics discussed are food irradiation, production of radioisotopes for medical use, industrial radioactive tracing applications, and fundamental research. The book contains a number of photographs, many showing South African uranium ore processing and nuclear power facilities. The book was published by the government of South Africa, and is therefore an official statement of its activities.

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