AUTHORHoworth, Muriel
TITLEPioneer Research on the Atom: Rutherford and Soddy in a Glorious Chapter of Science: The Life Story of Frederick Soddy, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., Nobel Laureate
CITYLondon, England
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This 1958 biography traces the life of Frederick Soddy, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, from childhood through his extensive work with radioactivity. The book begins with ancestry, childhood and college, but focuses on Soddy’s work, including collaborations with William Ramsey and Ernest Rutherford. Relying heavily on excerpts from Soddy’s letters, the book notes his travels and work in Australia and Canada, touching on alpha particles, radium, and other investigations. As Soddy’s literary trustees, Muriel Howorth and her husband were bequeathed Soddy’s papers, letters, and records, which are her main sources for the book.

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