AUTHORRosenberg, Howard L.
TITLEAtomic Soldiers: American Victims of Nuclear Experiments
CITYBoston, MA

This book describes how the United States military used its own personnel to test the psychological impact of atomic blasts. It also examines the effects of nuclear testing on people who lived close to the Nevada Test Site. In particular, the author, a journalist, uses the story of Russell Jack Dann as an example of what he indicates thousands of United States servicemen endured. He follows the story from the time Dann was recruited to be present at a nuclear blast through his testimony to Congress in 1978 about his experiences. The author sets the context for Dann’s story with background information about the decisions being made at the highest levels of government. As sources for the book, the author relies on declassified Pentagon reports and extensive interviews with survivors. The majority of the content reflects personal experiences, not scientific information, for which other references should be consulted.

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