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TITLEAtomic Archive
DATE ACCESSED11 November 2016

This website is a comprehensive resource for information on nuclear weapons. It is divided into major sections: science, history, resource library, almanac, media gallery, and store. The science section is subdivided into topics such as atomic physics, nuclear fission, effects of nuclear weapons, and scenarios of nuclear explosions. Components of the history section include the Manhattan Project, the first nuclear reactor, the Trinity test, and nuclear weapons facilities. The library includes a glossary, biographical sketches, original official documents, summaries of arms control treaties from 1959 to 2010 with links to full texts, a timeline, and a teacher's guide. The almanac contains information on nuclear facilities, forces, and test sites. The media gallery has photographs, videos, animations, and maps. The store offers items related to nuclear issues such as DVDs, books, and magazines for purchase or subscription. News links and a This Month in Atomic History section are featured on the home page. The teacher’s guide in the library section helps to make the site suitable for college and high school level courses.

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