DIRECTORHoyt, Austin
TITLEVictory in the Pacific
RUNNING TIME120 minutes
Web Access
Available online from WGBH Educational Foundation

This film describes the final year of World War II in the Pacific from the invasion of Siapan to the use of the atomic bombs and the Japanese surrender. It chronicles the fierce, suicidal Japanese defenses of the Mariana Islands and Okinawa and the firebombings of Tokyo and other Japanese cities, as well as the strategies of leaders of both sides that led to tremendous loss of life and destruction. The film closes with an examination of the decisions made by those leaders that finally ended the war. The DVD format also contains a 1945 U.S. government documentary on the B-29 firebombing of Tokyo and a discussion by two historians, Edward Drea and Richard Frank, of why atomic bombs were used on Japan. Overall, the film provides a view of the events which led the United States to the use of nuclear weapons against Japan.

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