AUTHORMorgan, Karl Z. / Peterson, Ken M.
TITLEThe Angry Genie: One's Man Walk through the Nuclear Age
PUBLISHERUniversity of Oklahoma Press
CITYNorman, OK

This book provides an insider's view of the reactor industry during the Cold War with a perspective that is not anti-nuclear energy, but rather a criticism of irresponsible science jeopardizing public safety. The author was a physicist on the Manhattan Project and worked at Oak Ridge from the late 1940s to the early 1970s. The narrative essentially recounts his experience as director of health physics at Oak Ridge. But Morgan also explores and exposes the dark sides of the nuclear community. He tells in Chapter 4, “My Biggest Mistake”, of private interest censoring and hindering the course of reactor progress. Chapter 5 describes the careless handling of nuclear waste, especially by the British dumping of plutonium into the Irish Sea. Chapter 6, “The Price”, describes the horrifying experiments conducted on human and animal test subjects by nuclear scientists and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). A final chapter crystallizes what Morgan sees as the paths for solution to nuclear problems.

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