AUTHOROrlans, Harold
TITLEContracting for Atoms
PUBLISHERGreenwood Press
CITYWestport, CT
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This book addresses public policy issues raised by the contracts between the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and private organizations for research and development as well as the operation and management of government-owned nuclear facilities. It is based upon interviews with AEC officials, contractors and others knowledgeable about nuclear issues; public documents; and private communications. The first section, Contract Policies–and Practices, provides insights into the interactions among government, industry, and universities that advanced nuclear science and technology from 1947 to 1965. A second section, Dramatis Personae, presents some of people responsible for the AEC’s performance during that period. They include AEC commissioners, congressmen, military personnel, and scientists. A final section contains conclusions that highlight the achievements and problems encountered by that method of operation. It also includes recommendations for facilitating future contract work of the AEC.

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