AUTHORKennedy, Robert F.
TITLEThirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis
PUBLISHERW.W. Norton & Company
CITYNew York, NY
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This personal account of the Cuban Missile Crisis was constructed by Theodore Sorensen from notes by President John F. Kennedy's brother, Robert, who was his Attorney General and a member of the National Security Council’s Executive Committee. Kennedy was the president's close advisor and envoy to Soviet diplomats during the crisis. The narrative provides insights into the reactions, deliberations, and decisions made during that critical period. Questions have been raised, however, about the reliability of this account. While Kennedy portrays his views at Excom meetings as dovish, the secretly recorded tapes of those meetings show that he took much more hawkish positions. The book contains introductions by Robert McNamara and Harold McMillan, as well as photographs and documents relating to the crisis.

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