AUTHOREubank, Keith
TITLEThe Missile Crisis in Cuba
PUBLISHERKrieger Publishing Company
CITYMalabar, FL

This book provides a concise account of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a key period during the Cold War. In the first part of the book, after introducing the history of U.S.-Cuban-Soviet relations that preceded the crisis, the author presents a well-organized, detailed narrative from the discovery by the U.S. in August 1962 of increased Soviet military activity in Cuba to the resolution of the crisis in November. A concluding chapter provides insights into how the crisis was managed by leaders on both sides and the impact of the crisis on subsequent military and diplomatic policies of the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The second part of the book contains 25 documents associated with the crisis, as well as a bibliography. The author draws on documentation available from U.S. and late 1990s Russian archives.

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