CREATORNational Security Archive
TITLEThe Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962: The 40th Anniversary
DATE ACCESSED17 February 2017

This well-organized website contains a broad range of high-quality materials associated with the Cuban Missile Crisis, such as declassified documents, audio clips, photographs, and analysis. The materials include the offical U.S. Department of State's 1961- 63 documents on the crisis, Washington Post coverage of the crisis as it unfolded, declassified documents from U.S., Soviet, and Cuban archives, U.S. photographs of Soviet and Cuban activities, U.S. Navy action records, and four analyses of the crisis by contemporary historians. It also contains materials from the 40th anniversary conference and the Cuban government's La Crisis de Octubre: una visión política 40 años después. "The Crisis of October: A political vision 40 years later" (in Spanish). The website is an excellent point of departure for detailed study of that critical period in the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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