AUTHORFerguson, Charles D. / Potter, William C. / Sands, Amy / Spector, Leonard S. / Wehling, Fred L.
TITLEThe Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism
PUBLISHERMonterey Institute of International Studies
CITYMonterey, CA
Web Access
Available online from Nuclear Threat Initiative   ( )

This well-organized, current book presents the growing threats poised by major forms of nuclear terrorism. Chapters address the theft and detonation of an intact nuclear weapon; the theft or purchase of fissile material leading to the fabrication and detonation of a crude weapon; attacks or sabotage of nuclear facilities, primarily nuclear power plants; and the acquisition of radioactive materials that could be used in a radiological dispersal device (RDD or dirty bomb). The composition, motives and capabilities of terrorist groups are also examined. The lack of security of fissile materials in the former Soviet Union and the instability of the government of nuclear-capable Pakistan are cited as major concerns. The final chapter contains a plan for action against nuclear terrorism.

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