AUTHOROsif, Bonnie A. / Baratta, Anthony J. / Conkling, Thomas W.
TITLETMI 25 Years Later: The Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Accident and Its Impact
PUBLISHERPennsylvania State University Press
CITYUniversity Park, PA

This book reviews the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania including its causes, the cleanup process, and its impacts on society and the nuclear power industry. Individual chapters address nuclear energy fundamentals; the accident; the cleanup; media coverage and public perceptions; effects on the local community; economic, legal, and regulatory impacts; and future sources of energy. A chronology, a glossary of nuclear terms, and a bibliography are useful components of the book. For many years the authors have maintained a website, The Three Mile Island (TMI-2) Recovery and Decontamination Collection, which provides an extensive collection of reports and video tapes about the nuclear accident.

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