AUTHORBenson, Robert Louis / Warner, Michael, Eds.
TITLEVENONA: Soviet Espionage and the American Response 1939-1957
PUBLISHERAegean Park Press
CITYLaguna Hills, CA

This book is a collection of primary source documents that relate to the declassified VENONA project, a top secret U.S. government operation that cracked the codes on Soviet telegraphic cable traffic from 1939 to 1957. The book is part of the over 8-title Cryptographic Series published by Aegean Park Press, a company specializing in books that concern the subject of codes and ciphers. It was compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the National Security Agency (NSA). Many of the documents published in the volume were declassified specifically for inclusion in it. The book includes two large sections of primary source documents, one containing 35 American documents pertaining to the U.S. response to Soviet espionage, and the second containing 99 decrypted and translated Soviet messages, mostly from the KGB. Also included in the volume are five monographs, four of which provide more information on the VENONA project. The volume is completely indexed, and has a foreword by the Deputy Director of NSA in 1996.

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