AUTHORShea, William R., Ed.
TITLEOtto Hahn and the Rise of Nuclear Physics
PUBLISHERD. Reidel Publishing Company
CITYBoston, MA

Part of The University of Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science, this edited volume provides multiple views—scientific, historical, and social—on the life and work of chemist Otto Hahn. Shea writes a 29-page introduction on the life of Hahn, chronicling his work with William Ramsay and Hahn's research on radiothorium and other radioactive elements. Shea describes Hahn’s time with Ernest Rutherford, later work at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Chemistry, and finally his work on the decay of uranium. The volume contains nine essays by scientists and historians. They include Lawrence Badash’s essay on Otto Hahn and the difference between scientific and social responsibility. Several purely scientific essays include Robert Kargon’s essay on the evolution of matter, and Ernst Berninger’s essay “The Discovery of Uranium Z by Otto Hahn: The First Example of Nuclear Isomersion”. The essay by Spencer Weart on the discovery of nuclear fission provides an excellent example of the scientific process.

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