AUTHORSigal, Leon V.
TITLEDisarming Strangers: Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea
PUBLISHERPrinceton University Press
CITYPrinceton, NJ

This book is a history from 1988 to 1995 of negotiations between the United States and North Korea concerning the proliferation threat posed by the latter country's nuclear program. The author argues throughout the book that the United States should cooperate and negotiate with North Korea in order to prevent that country from building nuclear weapons. He asserts that the use of coercion by the United States led to the brink of war. The book follows the efforts of former President Jimmy Carter to bring both sides back to the negotiating table. The resulting negotiations produced the Agreed Framework, which called for North Korea to freeze the most sensitive parts of its nuclear activities (those able to produce plutonium for nuclear arms) in exchange for nuclear power reactors and oil shipments. One chapter in the book discusses the role of the media in forming foreign policy. The appendices include a timeline showing the negotiations and responses between the United States and North Korea, and several key documents, including the text of the Agreed Framework.

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