DIRECTORKuran, Peter
TITLENuclear Rescue 911: Broken Arrows & Incidents
DISTRIBUTORGoldhill Home Media International
RUNNING TIME53 minutes

This documentary film chronicles the history of accidents and incidents involving nuclear weapons of the United States' military forces. It examines in depth a number of the 32 such incidents, codenamed Broken Arrows, that occurred since 1950. Of those, the Palomares Incident is one of the best known. In six of those events, the nuclear weapon was not recovered. The Broken Arrows are revealed using recently declassified information and footage, combined with digital recreations, creating a seamless and disquieting story. In one incident, a nuclear device was accidentally dropped from a bomber near Detroit, Michigan. Upon examination of the device, it was discovered that five of its six safety mechanisms had failed; only one switch prevented the total nuclear destruction of Detroit. Filled with similar stories retold in interviews by people who were there, the film discloses the dangers of operating a high alert nuclear force.

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