AUTHORCumings, Bruce
TITLENorth Korea: Another Country
CITYNew York, NY

This book examines relationships between the United States and North Korea (DPRK), and argues that the United States is the cause of most of the problems between the two countries. The author discusses the Korean War and points out that South Korean forces brutally occupied North Korea during the war. He says that fact is one of the reasons that North Korea turned itself into a garrison state. He examines the first nuclear crises in the early 1990s, the nuclear threats by the United States throughout North Korea’s history, and the nuclear crisis in 2002. The author criticizes the handling of the 2002 crisis by the administration of President George W. Bush. He argues that North Korea could and should be paid for cooperation. The second half of the book examines the life of North Korean leader Kim Il Sung and his successor Kim Jong-il. It also explores the daily life of the people in North Korea, currently and historically. Throughout the book, the author criticizes the press for its reporting about North Korea. Much of the book is based on the author's travels to both North and South Korea.

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