AUTHORMaydew, Randall C.
TITLEAmerica's Lost H-Bomb!: Palomares, Spain, 1966
PUBLISHERSunflower University Press
CITYManhattan, KS

This book describes the search for a lost thermonuclear weapon in Spain after a midair collision between a refueling airplane and a U.S. bomber carrying four thermonuclear weapons. The collision occurred on January 17, 1966 over Palomares, Spain. According to the author, three of the weapons were quickly found; two of those had been blown apart by their high explosives, scattering plutonium dust over a large area. The book details the collision, the immediate response, the decontamination of the area, and the 80 day search for and recovery of the fourth weapon, which was eventually found in the sea. The narrative also describes the responses of the press during the search. The author, who worked at Sandia Corporation (now Sandia National Laboratories), played a key role in helping to find the fourth weapon. The appendices include a section briefly describing the 32 known accidents involving U.S. nuclear weapons through 1980. There are many photographs and diagrams througout the book.

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