AUTHORBradley, Don J.
TITLENo Place to Hide
PUBLISHERUniversity Press of New England
CITYHanover, NH
ISBNno number - use WorldCat search box

An evocative book used by the anti-nuclear movement, No Place to Hide is the diary of a doctor at the Able and Baker Bikini tests in 1946. The main focus of the book is radiation—its effects on human and animal subjects, and the psychological fear of it. The book chronicles day-by-day events in the preparation and testing. The author documents the ecological damage in the Pacific tests, especially to fish. The dangers of nuclear energy are also reflected by the destruction of a fleet of old ships at the site. The 1984 edition of the book originally published in 1946 includes a new introduction by the author calling for new thinking on the nuclear situation.

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