CREATORHansen, Chuck
TITLEThe Swords of Armageddon: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Development Since 1945
PUBLISHERChukelea Publications
CITYSunnyvale, CA
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Available online from Chukelea Publications

This 2,500 page, eight volume work available on CD-ROM or microfilm, is a history of the U.S. nuclear weapons program since 1945. Drawing on government documents collected over many years, this work covers a wide range of subjects. It includes an introduction to the physics of fission and fusion weapons and discussions of detonation principles, the technologies of postwar fission weapons, the development of thermonuclear weapons including “clean” weapons, and nuclear warhead arming techniques. It also provides the history of every nuclear warhead entered into the U.S. arsenal including gravity bombs, artillery shells, missile warheads, anti-submarine weapons, and atomic demolition munitions. The appendices include the objectives and results of nuclear testing through 1962 and a listing of all U.S. nuclear warhead specifications. The separate volumes or the whole collection can be ordered from the accompanying website.

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