AUTHORChristopher, Nicholas
TITLEAtomic Field
PUBLISHERHarcourt, Inc.
CITYNew York, NY

This book is a collection of two poems, entitled “1962” and “1972”, which tell the story of a boy in 1962 experiencing the joys, quirks and fears of growing up in the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis, then tell the story of a young man searching for himself in the turbulent year of 1972. The young man travels around Europe, experiencing drugs, love, and death. The poems revolve thematically around questioning the world and trying to understand its workings, its pains, and its joys. Throughout, the poems evoke cosmic symbolism as that search is carried out in ethereal fashion. The poet combines the mundane features of daily life with the type of eccentric, out-of-place happenings and sightings that everyone observes, but seldom pauses to consider. Then suddenly, as with life, a significant event appears, either a recognizable world event or a dramatic personal moment, drawing the questions of life and the deeper meanings of the nature of the world to the foreground.

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