AUTHORKnebel, Fletcher / Bailey, Charles W. II
TITLENo High Ground
PUBLISHERGreenwood Press
CITYWestport, CT

The book begins with President Truman aboard the USS Augusta on August 5, 1945, and ends with the August 14th telegram from General Spaatz of the Strategic Air Command: “The atomic bomb disposes of all high ground” (p. 258). Within that brief time frame, the book provides a meticulously detailed view of the men, events, and decisions that accompanied the two atomic blasts over Japan. It also includes an array of relevant background information. The authors document arguments to support the use of the bomb by Leslie Groves, Henry Stimson and the bomber crews; and arguments in opposition by some scientists and military leaders. The bomb is described in political and military terms, largely ignoring the science behind its development. The authors consulted pilot Paul Tibbets, physicist Luis Alvarez, military official Thomas Farrell and others for assistance with factual material and the manuscript. They recreate the events in an accessible, almost fictional tone.

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