AUTHORGarrelick, Renee
TITLEM.I.T. Beginnings: The Legacy of Nuclear Metals, Inc.
PUBLISHERNuclear Metals, Inc
CITYConcord, MA
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This short book gives an account of the early history of Nuclear Metals, Inc., a company that originated in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) Metallurgy Project in the Manhattan Project during World War II. The book provides highlights of the Metallurgy Project: scientists at M.I.T. worked on developing uranium melting techniques as well as developing a method of testing the integrity of the uranium slugs and their aluminum casing, called the M.I.T. frost test. The methods developed by the project were used to prepare slugs for the Hanford, Washington nuclear reactors. The project’s name was changed to Nuclear Metals, Inc. in 1954 when it moved to Concord, Massachusetts and became a private company. In part of the period described by the book, the company worked on nuclear reactors for submarines and nose cones for intercontinental ballistic missiles. The book includes photographs, especially of the establishment and opening of the Concord facility.

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