AUTHORJaffe, Bernard
TITLEMoseley and the Numbering of the Elements
CITYGarden City, NY
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This biography of Henry G.J. Moseley offers a succinct portrait of an incredible young scientist who only published eight short papers, yet identified atomic numbers before an untimely death. It begins with a description of the Gallipoli campaign that claimed the young man’s life in August 1915. Jaffe follows Moseley’s student days from Eton to Oxford. He describes Moseley’s early experiments with Rutherford at Manchester. The majority of the book, however, explains his groundbreaking research. Moseley used data from X-ray spectroscopy to obtain the atomic numbers for the elements. The author describes the series of experiments and the surrounding advances in physics that fueled the research. Jaffe provides relevant diagrams of the experiments, as well as many scientific letters Moseley wrote to colleagues.

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