AUTHORBradley, Don J.
TITLEBehind the Nuclear Curtain: Radioactive Waste Management in the Former Soviet Union
PUBLISHERBattelle Press
CITYColumbus, OH
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This book offers insight into the extent of the radioactive contamination problem in the former Soviet Union and details the waste management practices at nuclear reactor and reprocessing sites that led to this problem. It paints a startling picture of the former USSR’s nuclear waste program and reveals some of the truths about intentional and accidental contaminant releases once shielded behind decades of Iron Curtain secrecy. Information gathered by the author from Soviet scientists, along with illustrations, maps and schematics of contamination sites help depict the problems and aid in the description of long-term environmental restoration implications (preface). The book is written with technical language throughout, and contains many charts, tables, and diagrams.

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