AUTHORNorris, Robert S. / Arkin, William M. / Burr, William
TITLEWhere They Were
PERIODICAL TITLEThe Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

This article concerns U.S. nuclear deployments on foreign soil between 1945 and 1977. It draws heavily upon declassified information contained in History of the Custody and Deployment of Nuclear Weapons: July 1945 through September 1977. Much of the information within that document was not declassified, but because the countries were listed alphabetically, it was not hard for the authors to discover the names of many of the still classified countries. The authors first examine the early deployments of the non-nuclear components of atomic weapons to oversea bases in Guam, French Morocco, and Great Britain. Then in the 1950s, deployment of complete nuclear weapons began in many European countries. The authors discuss in depth the deployment of nuclear weapons to the sensitive areas of Japan, Greenland, Iceland, and Taiwan. The article includes several charts of total U.S. deployments of nuclear weapons to Europe and the Pacific during that period.

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