CREATORLos Alamos National Laboratory
TITLEHistory: Los Alamos National Laboratory
DATE ACCESSED11 November 2016

This part of the Los Alamos National Laboratory's website presents the history of the facility from the development of the first nuclear weapons to its role in the stewardship of the existing U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile. Links fall in to the following categories: Historic Badges, History Images, 70 years after Trinity, Laboratory Directors, Now and Then at Los Almos, and Trinity to Trinity. The site also offers access to videos of the Laboratory's Heritage Series lectures, image galleries organized according to the Laboratory's various directors over time, and an alphabetically arranged collection of Project Y badge photos showing all of those who worked at Los Alamos on the development, final processing, assembly, and testing of the atomic bomb (Project Y). The site is well-organized and provides both introductory and detailed materials on the history and operation of the laboratory.

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