AUTHORJohnson, Leland
TITLESandia National Laboratories: A History of Exceptional Service in the National Interest
PUBLISHERSandia National Laboratories
CITYAlbuquerque, NM
ISBNno number - use WorldCat search box

This book presents the history of Sandia National Laboratories of the United States. Sandia grew out of the Los Alamos laboratory immediately after World War II as the place where the non-nuclear components of atomic bombs would be designed and tested. Though the central focus of the laboratory has always been on weapons design, its role throughout the Cold War changed as national needs changed. The laboratory's efforts in non-weaponry areas include its work on the Plowshare program and its long connection with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in doing research. Sandia also conducted research on fusion power plants and solar power. The book concludes by exploring the changing role of the Sandia laboratories with the end of the Cold War. It includes many photographs including images of people, experiments, and weapon systems.

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