AUTHORPayne, Carolyn Stilts
TITLEThe Ames Project: Administering Classified Research as a Part of the Manhattan Project at Iowa State College, 1942-45
PUBLISHERIowa State University Press
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This doctoral dissertation examines the role of the Ames Project at Iowa State College in the development of the first atomic bombs. The author reviews many of the contributions of the Ames Project to the Manhattan Project, such as the discovery of the Ames Process for developing metallic uranium and the building of a pilot plant to produce metallic uranium. The author also explores the leadership style of Frank Spedding, who headed the Ames Project. The author shows the connections, mainly through Spedding, between the work being done at the University of Chicago and at Iowa State College. In the second half of the dissertation, the author argues that though the Manhattan Project was organized militarily, very little of that military organization was transferred to academic research done at institutions such as Iowa State College. The author develops this argument by examining three areas: security regulations, contracting of work, and worker health and safety. The dissertation includes a chronology of important events and many appendices containing primary source materials, including maps and photographs from the Ames Project.

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