AUTHORWalker, Martin
TITLEThe Cold War: A History
PUBLISHERHenry Holt and Company
CITYNew York, NY

This book is a general history of the Cold War. The subjects it covers include the importance of the explosion by the United States of the first atomic bombs, containment, the spread of the Cold War into the Third World, Sputnik, the U-2 spy plane incident, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the redefining of the Cold War in the 1980s. The author also touches on the nuclear disarmament talks. While discussing the Cuban Missile Crisis, the author argues that Khrushchev decided to deploy missiles in Cuba for two reasons: to protect Cuba from invasion, and to match the ability of the United States to strike the Soviet Union. There are several useful charts, including one that gives the number of warheads and launch vehicles that the U.S. and the Soviet Union had in different years from 1962 through 1980.

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