AUTHORSylves, Richard T.
TITLEThe Nuclear Oracles: A Political History of the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission, 1947-1977
PUBLISHERIowa State University Press

This book gives the history of the General Advisory Committee (GAC) of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), which was formed in 1947 and continued in service until 1977. During that time, the Committee provided advice on a variety of issues, including the nuclear laboratories, the building of a thermonuclear bomb, Project Plowshare (an initiative for peaceful uses of nuclear explosives), the danger of fallout, and the construction of particle accelerators. In addition to documenting the committee's work on those issues, the author provides a thorough record of the members of the Committee, providing biographical sketches of all 55 people, as well as tracking the specialties of the scientists who were a part of the Committee from year to year. The author also traces associations between the members, whether those associations were through common universities or work done during World War II. The appendices include a listing of all the formal meetings of GAC and an overview of the major atomic laboratories.

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