AUTHORJette, Eleanor
TITLEInside Box 1663
PUBLISHERLos Alamos Historical Society
CITYLos Alamos, NM

In this book, Eleanor Jette recounts her five years living at Los Alamos with her husband Eric Jette, a metallurgist on the Manhattan Project. She describes the domestic aspects of life at Los Alamos. Her story begins with her husband’s mysterious recruitment into an assignment in the desert and her reluctance to go. Her account conveys the bland and harsh reality of life in an isolated community as the mother of a young child. However, she also depicts the lighter side of the grim mission, such as listening to Otto Frisch play an untuned piano. The book is an interesting window into the attitudes of the time. Jette captures the somewhat distant national confidence in time of peril, as well as the willingness of ordinary people to sacrifice for a larger cause. The book includes several accounts of the scientists there and a letter from J. Robert Oppenheimer.

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