AUTHORRingholz, Raye C.
TITLEUranium Frenzy: Saga of the Nuclear West
PUBLISHERUtah State University Press

The revised and expanded edition of this book examines the uranium rush in the American West in the 1950s and 1960s and subsequent health-injury compensation struggles involving miners and other westerners affected by radioactive fallout from atomic testing in Nevada. It charts the great success story of Charlie Steen, who became rich mining uranium, while also tracing the efforts of Duncan Holiday, who tried for years to force the federal government to improve working conditions in the uranium mines. Deaths of mine workers and civilians from toxic exposures—from uranium and fallout—are examined, including lawsuits filed against various government agencies. The book offers an overview of some of the compensation people eventually received through the federal Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, and victims' dissatisfaction with its slow implementation and lack of funding.

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