CREATORAmerican Institute of Physics
TITLEMoments of Discovery: The Discovery of Fission
DATE ACCESSED6 February 2017

This informative website provides first-person accounts by scientists who were involved in the work that led to the discovery of nuclear fission. The audio recordings of the scientists' voices and the accompanying readings and illustrations provide insights into the process of scientific discovery. The featured scientists include Luis Alvarez, Herbert Anderson, Niels Bohr, Arthur Compton, John Dunning, Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Otto Frisch, Otto Hahn, Lew Kowarski, Leon Rosenfeld, Ernest Rutherford, Leo Szilard, J. J. Thomson, and John Wheeler. The website contains an excellent teachers' guide that includes lesson plans, national standards, exercises, and links to original papers on the history of nuclear physics as well as links to other appropriate websites. The site would be useful for introductory physics courses and interdisciplinary courses. It is a component of the Center for History of Physics site of the American Institute of Physics.

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