AUTHORCochran, Thomas B. / Arkin, William M. / Norris, Robert S. / Hoenig, Milton M.
TITLENuclear Weapons Databook, Volume III: U.S. Nuclear Warhead Facility Profiles
PUBLISHERBallinger Pub. Co.
CITYCambridge, England

Prepared at the height of the Cold War, this volume profiles 34 U.S. facilities where research and development, production, and testing of nuclear warheads occurred in the 1980s. It provides a brief description of the history, weapon and non-weapon activities, management and personnel issues at each site. Numerous illustrations, maps, diagrams, and tables indicate the scale and geographic disposition of the nuclear weapons program of the United States at the time of publication. The volume is the third in the five volume Nuclear Weapons Databook sponsored by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NDRC), and is a companion volume to U.S. Nuclear Warhead Production, the second in the series.

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