AUTHORBinstock, Jonathan P.
TITLEAtomic Time: Pure Science and Seduction
PUBLISHERCorcoran Gallery of Art
CITYWashington, D.C.

This book contains photographs of Jim Sandborn's exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery that reflects on the laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico where the first atomic bombs were built. The portion of the exhibit titled Critical Assembly , does not attempt to replicate the laboratory but rather projects an artistic representation of the spaces, complete with lighting and sound effects. The exhibit links art and science in a three dimensional space and uses scientific objects as art forms to highlight the seductive yet threatening aspects of science. A second, smaller component of the exhibit entitled Atomic Time consists of a series of photographs made by exposing uranium ore from sites worldwide to produce images known as autoradiographs. Using the same technique, Sandborn produced another series of images from the faces of radium-dial alarm clocks made between 1920 and 1950. As well as photographs of the exhibit, and autoradiograms, the book contains an illustrated transcript of an interview with Sandborn, three illustrated essays concerning the exhibit and his work, a history of the exhibition and a bibliography.

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