AUTHORMcCamley, N. J.
TITLECold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers: The Passive Defence of the Western World during the Cold War
CITYLondon, England

This descriptive book examines “the secret, invisible infrastructure, the networks of underground control bunkers and radar stations” (p. 3) that were central to American and British defense operations during the Cold War era. Using narrative, photographs, maps, and floor plans, the book intends to make the stories of the once secret underground bunkers a completely public topic. Early chapters provide coverage of bunkers constructed in the United States in the early Cold War period, including Raven Rock Mountain on the Pennsylvania/Maryland border near the presidential Camp David retreat; Mt. Weather, Greenbrier, and Mt. Pony not far from Washington, D.C.; and the well known North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) headquarters carved into Cheyenne Mountain, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. A single chapter examines bunkers in Canada. The balance of the text is devoted to defense radar and other underground bunkers in Great Britain. The book, however useful for its presentation of the type of bunkers built in support of Cold War defense activities, is nonetheless limited for academic research purposes by the absence of citations and a bibliography.

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