AUTHOREvangelista, Matthew
TITLEUnarmed Forces: The Transnational Movement to End the Cold War
PUBLISHERCornell University Press
CITYIthaca, NY

This book addresses the transnational networks developed by citizens in the United States and the Soviet Union to promote ideas and policies that would reduce the danger of a superpower conflict during the Cold War. Physicians and scientists often took the lead in those activities that had a great effect in slowing the arms race. Using sources that became available after the end of the Cold War, the author provides a history of the Soviet-American arms race that includes new views on the course of the Cold War and its termination. After an introductory section, the book is divided into four major components; the Khrushchev Era, the Brezhnev Era, the Gorbachev Era and the Post-Soviet Era.

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