AUTHORWeale, Adrian, Ed.
TITLEEye-Witness Hiroshima
PUBLISHERCarol and Graf Publishers
CITYNew York, NY

Eye-Witness Hiroshima: First-Hand Accounts of the Atomic Terror that Changed the World is somewhat deceivingly titled; the book is really a condensed history of aspects of the atomic bomb. The initial section reviews the developments in physics that made the bomb possible. The second section traces the race for the bomb, spurred by Leo Szilard and the MAUD report, the British report on the possibility of using the atomic energy of uranium for bombs. Later sections rely more heavily on first hand quotations, such as the description of the Nagasaki mushroom cloud by Bill Laurence of The New York Times. Chapter 5, entitled “On the Ground”, is the shortest chapter, but also the most rooted in an eye-witness approach. Weale selects dozens of short descriptions from people who experienced Hiroshima and Nagasaki, conveying a sense of the human tragedy. Large volumes of information are summarized with short quotations.

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