AUTHORDubin, Steven C.
CHAPTER TITLEBattle Royal: The Final Mission of the Enola Gay; The Postmodern Exhibition: Cut on the Bias, or is Enola Gay a Verb?
BOOK TITLEDisplays of Power
PUBLISHERNew York University Press
CITYNew York, NY

The first of two related chapters in a book by Steven Dubin details the controversy over the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum’s Enola Gay exhibit. The Smithsonian Institution planned to display the Enola Gay as a part of an exhibit on the 50th anniversary of the plane's mission to bomb Hiroshima. The controversy arose from the Smithsonian’s alleged Japanese bias: American veterans believed that the exhibit showed the Americans as aggressors and the Japanese as victims. The author clearly presents the arguments of both sides. He indicates that the veterans' side was correct in wanting an untarnished legacy, and the museum was correct in wanting to show both sides of the bombing. The following chapter discusses the interaction of current events with the presentation of history in culturally sensitive museum exhibits.

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