CREATORAmerican Nuclear Society
TITLEHistory of Nuclear Power Plant Safety
DATE ACCESSED4 February 2017

This website features an illustrated timeline that charts the historical progress and major developments in nuclear reactor safety. The timeline is divided into decades, which the site designers assert have differing themes: the first decade after the invention of nuclear reactors was largely devoted to improving their viability and reliability; the 1950s were about proving nuclear reactors were economically feasible; the 1960s were a time of rapid growth in the commercial nuclear industry; in the 1970s, the industry expanded, coupled with increased government regulation; the 1980s were marked by the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and rising public skepticism about the safety of nuclear power; and the 1990s saw significant technological and safety improvements in reactor design. A web page is devoted to each decade, with accompanying photographs, diagrams, and bibliographies. The website also has an excellent collection of illustrative technical diagrams about nuclear reactor and plant design.

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