AUTHORBlair, Bruce G.
TITLEStrategic Command and Control
PUBLISHERThe Brookings Institution
CITYWashington, D.C.

This book presents the history of the United States’ nuclear command and control system and examines its relevance in nuclear security issues. The command and control system consists of the early warning sensors, communications, command posts, procedures, and people that may be called into action to respond to a nuclear threat. The author, Bruce Blair, contends that the command and control system is central to all nuclear arms reduction, deterrence, arms modernization, and nuclear strategy issues. He points out weaknesses and a need for modernization in the system, and makes recommendations for policy changes. The endnotes are very informative, and the appendices contain technical documents relating to certain aspects of command and control. Blair was an Air Force launch control officer responsible for launching Minuteman ICBMs. He formerly worked at The Brookings Institution and is President of the Center for Defense Information as of 2003.

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