AUTHORBurrows, William E. / Windrem, Robert
TITLECritical Mass
PUBLISHERSimon & Schuster
CITYNew York, NY

Written in the wake of the Gulf War, this book shows the state of nuclear proliferation in the world. The authors begin with a comprehensive view of Iraq’s effort to produce enriched uranium weapons. They reveal Iraq’s sprawling, secret nuclear weapons complex at the start of the Gulf War. They show how other nations such as Kazakhstan, North Korea, and Iran modeled their programs on Iraq’s in the race to produce weapons of mass destruction. The authors say that Israel had a formidable arsenal in the 1973 war, but chose not to use it. They describe the German and French industries that sold factories and technology to Iraq and Libya. Additionally, the authors tell the stories of several individuals involved in proliferation from A. Q. Khan, a Pakistani scientist, to an Atlanta banker who helped fund Iraq's nuclear program. The book also discusses the lack of security for the tons of weapons-grade plutonium in the former Soviet Union.

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