AUTHORCochran, Thomas B. / Norris, Robert S. / Bukharin, Oleg A.
TITLEMaking the Russian Bomb: From Stalin to Yeltsin
PUBLISHERWestview Press
CITYBoulder, CO
Web Access
Available online from Natural Resources Defense Council

This book describes the Soviet nuclear weapons program from its inception during the Stalin years until 1993, after the Cold War and the end of communist rule in the Soviet Union. It addresses both political and scientific facets of the Soviet nuclear program, and it deals with many aspects of the program: bomb-making techniques, environmental issues, construction of particular bombs, and the layout of particular facilities. Of particular note is the chapter devoted to environmental effects of the bomb program and the attention it pays to Chelyabinsk-70, the little-known most nuclear-contaminated site on earth. That location, now named Snezhinsk, is the home of the All-Russian Institute of Technical Physics (VNIITF), an important warhead design center. The book includes many tables and diagrams, as well as appendices, one of which presents brief biographies of key figures in the Soviet/Russian nuclear program. Although it does delve into technical detail, the book is accessible to the general public, and is unfortunately out of print as of 2004.

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