CREATORHeilbron, J. L. / Seidel, Robert W. / Wheaton, Bruce R.
TITLELawrence and His Laboratory
DATE ACCESSED4 February 2017

This website provides a history of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California. It reflects the influence of the laboratory's founder, Ernest Lawrence, from 1931 to his death in 1958. The seven chapters of the website discuss the initial pre-World War II laboratory and the development of the first cyclotrons, the development of calutrons for producing U-235 during World War II, and post-World War II projects including nuclear testing in the Pacific. People interested in obtaining a more detailed account of the subject should consult the book Lawrence and His Laboratory, by J. L. Heilbron and Robert Seidel. Heilbron and Seidel were the first two authors of the 1981 LBL Newsmagazine, and the website is modeled on that publication.

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