AUTHORMelzer, Richard
TITLEBreakdown: How the Secret of the Atomic Bomb was Stolen during World War II
PUBLISHERSunstone Press
CITYSanta Fe, NM

This book describes the methods and the failures of military security at Los Alamos research laboratories during the Manhattan Project. The book outlines this subject in three sections. First, it conveys the theory of security at Los Alamos, including site selection, censorship, travel restrictions, code names, and wire fences. The second section recounts security in practice. It documents security breaches, porous fences, the breakdowns of security clearances and information access. The third section, entitled “Proof”, shows the spying that occurred. Melzer tells the stories of Klaus Fuchs, Theodore Hall, and David Greenglass. In summary, the book examines the measures that the Army took to prevent espionage and how its methods were subverted.

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