AUTHORThomas, Raju G. C. / Gupta, Amit, Eds.
TITLEIndia’s Nuclear Security
PUBLISHERLynne Rienner Publishers
CITYBoulder, CO

This book is a collection of papers describing the history and the implications of India's nuclear weapons program. In 1974, India tested its first atomic device, becoming an atomic state, but only briefly; in 1998, India resumed testing atomic weapons. Beyond the issues of proliferation and degrading economic and political systems, India’s nuclear program presents a problem because its neighbor, Pakistan, is also a nuclear state. Pakistan and India have poor relations, and represent the most likely place for nuclear war to break out. The papers in the book discuss India’s nuclear weapons program and capabilities, the reason India became a nuclear state, the economic repercussions of being a nuclear state, the effects of nuclear weapons in South Asia, and the relationship between India and Pakistan in terms of nuclear weapons. There is a section of biographies of the contributors. Each paper has a separate bibliography.

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