AUTHORSmyth, Henry DeWolf
TITLEAtomic Energy for Military Purposes: The Official Report on the Development of the Atomic Bomb under the Auspices of the U.S. Government 1940-1945
PUBLISHERPrinceton University Press
CITYPrinceton, NJ
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Available online from Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Written at the request of General Leslie Groves, this book about the Atomic Bomb Project was first published just days after the surrender of Japan in World War II. The purpose of the book was to provide information about the building of the atomic bomb without revealing closely-guarded secrets. Thirteen chapters chronologically explain the science used to develop the atomic bomb. Two of the chapters describe how America’s scientists overcame problems with plutonium production. Two chapters treat the separation of uranium isotopes through gaseous diffusion and electromagnetic separation. Organized by paragraph number, the text requires some background in science to comprehend. Some information could not be revealed at the time of publication; for example, there is no mention of the atomic bomb test in New Mexico.

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