CREATOROffice of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses
TITLEDepleted Uranium FAQ
DATE ACCESSED25 January 2017

This is a web page of questions and answers pertaining to the relationship between depleted uranium and health problems in veterans of the Persian Gulf War. It is provided by the U.S. Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses. The web page contains basic information about depleted uranium and more in-depth information on its effects on human health. It specifically responds to concerns raised in Europe that depleted uranium has caused increased cancer levels among troops exposed to it in the Balkans. The page answers questions about the safety of working with depleted uranium munitions and encountering depleted uranium debris on battlefields. It also discusses what the United States’ armed services have done to track troops’ exposure to depleted uranium and provide medical services for those veterans.The webpage is part of GulfLINK, an organization devoted to providing information on what happened during the war that may affect the health of those who served in it.

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