AUTHORBohr, Niels
TITLEThe Rutherford Memorial Lecture 1958: Reminiscences of the Founder of Nuclear Science and of Some Developments Based on His Work
PERIODICAL TITLEProceedings of the Physical Society
ISSUE NUMBER6 (December)

This elaborated version of a lecture in tribute to Ernest Rutherford by physicist Niels Bohr discusses Bohr's personal recollections of the famous physicist. Bohr describes his work as a young scientist with Rutherford as part of the Manchester group, and their continued scientific communication throughout their lifetimes. He discusses important scientific discoveries of the time and Rutherford's part in them, while relating humorous anecdotes about Rutherford. The speech is part of a series of Rutherford Memorial Lectures given by various scientists after the death of their famous colleague and mentor.

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